Cell-Active ageing skin care

La Biosthetique Méthode Dermosthetique Anti-aging Cell-Active ageing skin care.

By directly influencing the skin’s mother cell regenerative activity, Dermosthetique Anti-Age has harnessed powerful anti-ageing effective skincare.  Wrinkle depth is reduced and skin’s condition lastingly improved, proven through clinical testing.

Dermatological research and innovative bio-technology have inspired a highly effective care that minimises the symptoms of aging at a cellular level. Also suitable for very sensitive skins, it has been designed to tackle various signs of skin aging:

  • Combats wrinkles deep down.
  • Moisturises, fortifies for a visibly smoother and firmer skin.
  • Youthful and energetic radiance.
  • Significant improvement of the skin’s moisture and reduction of wrinkle depth after 12 hours.
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